Message from your Founding CityGirl

I am often asked how or why I started this amazing community. I enjoy sharing the story... this lovely community was born in 2005 through my own needs...as a single woman in a new city, I left my network of close family and friends to follow my career.  While I loved the changes and was very happy with my new path, I quickly realized I missed my close friendships and feeling connected to a solid community. I craved girl friends to hang out with, explore the city with, go to brunch with, shop with, share experiences with...  

Knowing San Francisco is a transient city, I knew there must be lots of amazing women like me to connect with. I was right! I simply started a free yahoogroup and put an ad on Craigslist. In the first 6 months, 625 women joined and I held 80 events! Yes 80! It took off! So many women feeling similar and excited to connect.

I am so grateful for my best girlfriends I met through the group and for all the fabulous women who are so open, active, interesting and have been fun sharing life experiences with! Thank you to the women who make this community fabulous and thank you to the local businesses who support us! Ladies who are thinking of joining, stop thinking and just do it... we're having a great time and want to meet you!

~Christy Green, Founding City Girl

About Our Community

City Girls Group's primary goal is to give you a place to connect and stay connected, and expand your circle of friends doing activities you love with fun like-minded women! CityGirls together create a strong community, building friendships and supporting each other, while having fun participating in any activity the women desire, experiencing all this city/life offers, and more.


CGG draws a range of members from 23-55+years old, all are educated and professional, we have doctors, lawyers, engineers, in tech, entrepreneurs, stylists, athletes, teachers, you name it you'll meet fascinating women killing it in their industry like you! 

CityGirls get together as individuals, and because the group is so large, most women are meeting for the first time, events are casual, women are incredibly welcoming, all coming from the same place - excited to meet like-minded women and have cool things to do. 

Many CityGirls say they were nervous to go to their first event, they didn't know if the women would be open or if they would fit, but were quick to realize they were with women similar to themselves, the events are relaxed and casual and easy to feel like you fit in. We often hear CityGirls talk about how they felt after their first event, they all walk away saying they were amazed how they felt like they were meeting a group of women who they immediately connected with, women would they would be friends with in college or growing up. 

Read more about what CityGirls Say...

City Girls Group is greatly expanding and evolving. With the support and suggestions from many City Girls, we intend to sustain this community and keep it growing by supporting the needs and desires of the CityGirls. Post on the forums activities you want to try or host, businesses you want to connect with and ideas you want to bring to life with the CityGirls. Your voice is heard, we love CityGirls and can't wait to meet you! 


Sample of some of the wonderful events and groups we have built together:

  • Recurring Events and growing Groups Hiking, Trivia Night, Book Clubs, Happy Hours, Girls Night Out, Fitness Partners, Avid Travelers, Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange, Wine Tasting Tours, Happy Hours, Dine Around Town, High Tea, Singles and Couples events, Comedy Night, Live Music, Holiday Parties, Game Night, Spa Retreats, Shopping Scavenger Hunts, Dog Lovers, Manifesting Dreams, Professional Networking, Executive Women, Investors, Themed Potlucks... just to name a few...
  • Cultural and Community Events: Clothing Exchange, Volunteering, Mentoring, Live Music, Opera, Theatre, Symphony, Museum, Neighborhood Tours
  • Clinics/Classes: Poker lessons, Golfing, Sailing, Surfing, Kite Boarding, Flying Trapeze, Self Defense, Feng Shui, Scrapbooking, Igniting passion in your relationship, Nutrition and Wellness, Get Fit and Lean Challenges, Financial planning, Launching Your Own Business... 

Join us! Your membership includes the bragging rights of being a VIP City Girl and belonging to an awesome women’s community. This is your community, so what would you like from it? It is what You make it. Get involved, and share your thoughts, ideas and visions for Your City Girls community.

  • fill your Social Calendar with fun and varied activities
  • connect online and in real life with cool women
  • create an amazing, full and happy life
  • build friendships, share experiences and make memories
  • share resources and ideas
  • discover new passions and interests 
  • try something new
  • get pampered with discounts on services, products and more!


host your own private group (PG)!  new, popular and perfect for women who want to host a totally private group for all her besties! 

as a PG Hostess:

  • invite your girl friends for FREE!
  • post pictures (can be private or you can post them on social media)
  • plan events (private group calendar)
  • plus hostesses receive exclusive hostess perks!

  • hold a coveted role, curators are amazing hostesses to the Open Groups.  
  • share a passion or interest to share with all CityGirls.
  • build a following, host an active group, plan events and connect with members women with similar interests. 
  • earn lots of perks for curating, including special event invites and the ability to earn money!

seasoned Coaches and professionals with an expertise that will enrich a woman's life. CityGirls love coaches and experts!

as a Coach, you have the opportunity to

  • build your own group page and unique platform
  • increase visibility and build strong reputation
  • connect your services and/or products with an amazing group of women
  • create quality events and workshops
  • offer members exclusive deals

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